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Elevated Outdoor Living

Imagine having a getaway right in your own backyard. A place where you can easily escape to. An elevated space with a view of nature to stimulate creativity or relaxation. A new kind of tree house – not in a tree but among the trees.

Did you ever want a tree house as a child, but never got one? Do you still secretly want one, but think you’re too old for it now? Well, you came to the right place! Elevated outdoor living has created the adult version of a tree house. We’ve “upped” the game of traditional tree houses to not be built in a tree, but among them.


your happy



3D Views

on all sides

Whether you are smack dab in the middle of nature, or just off the porch of your back yard, immerse yourself with open views from all sides of your elevated tree house.

Deck View 1

Underneath Structure

Deck View 2

Elevate Your Life